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Automotive Repair Services

Vehicle Inspections

Thinking about purchasing a used vehicle? Yes, we are a used car dealer, but you probably won't find another dealer anywhere near as honest as AutoCade! You have to be careful when buying a used car. Things aren't always as good as they may seem. We highly recommend that you call us at 865-463-2233 and let us perform a vehicle inspection on the car you're thinking about buying BEFORE you buy it. The cost of inspection is $99.00 and can uncover possible hidden problems and damages such as engine problems, transmission problems, body damage, frame damage, flood history, salvage history, title washing history, rust damage and other things that you may be currently unaware of, but will one day wish you had been.

First, let us say that there aren't very many used car dealers out there who are as picky as Brandy, the owner of AutoCade is about cars that are bought and offered for sale at AutoCade. Vehicles must go through and PASS her inspection process, as explained below, or she won't buy them. All of the things mentioned below are part of the $99 inspection process and can be performed on a vehicle that you currently own and are preparing to sell or on a vehicle that you already own and suspect there may be mechanical problems or damages that you are not aware of or were not disclosed to you when you purchased it.

After completion of the inspection you will receive a printed copy of the Carfax history report (A $39.99 value) and a copy of a vehicle inspection form that will show you any existing problems that were found and should be addressed. Ensure you are making a wise decision and protecting your investment by calling us today for an inspection.

What is Title Washing?

Title washing hides the history of a vehicle that's been salvaged. Salvage titles are assigned to cars that are deemed a total loss by insurance companies. This is also referred to as "branding" a vehicle. This doesn't mean the car can't be driven but vehicles branded with salvage titles have lower market values and are difficult to sell. Title washing washes away a vehicles branding. Once the branding is eliminated, the car's value goes up making it alot easier to sell and buyers are willing to pay full value.

How Title Washing Works

Title washing allows dealers and individuals to remove salvage branding from car titles to minimize their losses. Titles are washed by transfering a salvaged vehicle to a state that doesn't recognize the brand. When the state issues a new title, it may no longer show that it had been salavaged. If not, the seller will move it from state to state until the branding is gone. When it is, the vehicle's history will have been "washed" clean. This can happen to titles with any type of branding whether it be branded as salvage, rebuilt, lemon, flood damaged or other type of brand.