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Automotive Repair Services

Serpentine Belts, Tensioners & Pulleys

A serpentine belt is what drives and allows components such as the A/C compressor, alternator and water pump to keep turning. Unlike their predecessor the V-Belt which needed periodic adjusting, serpentine belts require little to no maintenance but will NOT last forever and should be periodically inspected. Replacement is recommended if there are any visual cracks, fraying or splitting.

Pulleys such as the idler pulley should also be inspected regularly. The idler pulley is the object in your engine that helps keep the serpentine belt snug against the other pulleys. This ensures that your vehicle maintains optimal performance by keeping the right amount of pressure on each pulley, so they run with as much power as they each require. The various pulleys connect to many different parts of the car, including the alternator, air conditioner system, power steering, and water pump all of which are very important to your vehicle.

If you have a vehicle that has a zero tolerance engine, also known as an interference engine, changing the timing belt before or at the exact time it is due to be changed is highly recommended! A zero tolerance engine is an engine that would damage the valves and likely the pistons without correct timing. This would occur because the valves and pistons have the ability to come into contact with each other. With correct timing, this is not an issue because the piston travels away from the valves as they travel into the cylinder. When timing is lost, the piston could travel toward the valves as the valves enter the cylinder, resulting in severe damage to both. This kind of damage will cost several thousands of dollars to repair. This is not an issue in a NON interference engine because the piston and valves will not contact each other if timing was lost.

Contact us at 865-463-2233 for an estimate, or to schedule an appointment to have your serpentine belt, timing belt, tensioners and pulleys checked or changed.